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Tech market in strong health for 2020

Tech market in strong health for 2020

2019 suggests 2020 will be a strong year for software technology marketing leaders

2019 ended on a high for technology marketing leaders and 2020 looks set to be a year of growth, says technology analyst house Gartner in its IT spending review for the last quarter of 2019 and forecast. 

"2019 was not a bad year," John Lovelock, Research Vice President of Research at Gartner said of the review of IT spending in the fourth quarter of 2019. The trends of 2019, which witnessed spending on software and services increase will continue into 2020 the analyst said. 



Gartner reported that software sales grew by 10.7% in the fourth quarter and that services sales increased by six per cent. "Consulting, services and software does well; cloud does fantastically," Lovelock says of the last quarter. 

For hardware technology marketing leaders the economy remains challenging as Gartner believes this is due to a cultural change as well as delayed spending. The Gartner analysis reveals that device and datacentre investments are being deferred and the trend continues into the mobile phone and tablet sector. "There are no more ‘must have' features in the mobile space and the lifecycle is expanding," Lovelock said. Across all markets Gartner is finding that consumers are happy with the device they  have and keeping the device for much longer, a trend seen across the entire hardware landscape. "The market is down to a replacement model.

"There is a massive shift in spending going on from hard things to soft things," Lovelock said of the entire technology industry. 

In its analysis of the market Gartner has identified two technologies it expects to grow significantly in 2020. Voice based user interfaces are growing in both the consumer and enterprise space the analyst house said. In the enterprise both the chatbot and voice tools akin to the use of Siri or Amazon echo are witnessing increased adoption.  

Gartner analysis reveals that by 2021 25% of digital workers will use what they call a virtual employee on a daily basis and the analysts said voice based "employee enablement" will be popular in departments such as IT and HR. Suggesting to technology marketing leaders that voice technology will follow the recent trend of being adopted by line of business leaders. Virtual markets at the vanguard of voice adoption include the government, financial services and education. 

Security tools that are part of cloud platform management is another sector Gartner expects to grow in 2020. Again the rapidly transforming financial services sector is driving adoption of these tools. 


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