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Marketing and technology remain best places to work in 2020

Marketing and technology remain best places to work in 2020

Technology marketing leaders are in a strong position, but could see rising demand to play a role in recruitment and retention

Digital marketing and the technology sector were the top jobs to be in 2019 and according to pay rate transparency business PayScale will be the top places to work in 2020.  

Digital marketing was predicted to be a role that witnessed wage growth in 2019 by PayScale; the US based digital business says 2020 will continue the trend.  



Of interest to technology marketing leaders is the fact that PayScale believe that not only will digital marketing remain an in demand role, but so too will pressure for skills in cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, cyber-security and virtual reality.  Technology companies face the same recruitment and retention challenges as their enterprise customers and as CMOs have told TechMarketing, they are increasingly involved in ensuring technology organisations have a brand and story that attracts talent to the business.  

"We expect these job areas to continue to increase in demand in 2020," PayScale said in a statement. 

Digital transformation and technology is heating up the recruitment and retention market according to the findings from PayScale.  

Analysing their user data PayScale finds that technology and finance roles are seeing "significant wage growth". "Software engineers, data scientists and data engineers are still prominent in our survey (176 percent, 122 percent and 119 percent job growth respectively)." 

Placing pressure on technology organisations is the rising demand for these skills outside of the pure technology sector. PayScale reports that in Seattle, where the business is based, over 50% of the above roles are for non-technology companies.  "The proliferation of tech workers into industries outside of the tech sector is a major contributor to continued job growth nationwide," PayScale said. 

Rising numbers of technologists is benefiting the wider economy too, PayScale claim with the average technology worker supporting 5.7 roles. Technology workers have a higher demand for goods and services as a result of their purchasing power. 

There is a rising amount of speculation that the USA and the world is heading into a recession and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures around the world are being revised downwards.  But PayScale reports that the USA added 266,000 jobs to its market and The Economist reported at the end of 2019 that "the big surprise in 2020 may well be how quickly the mood in markets starts to recover." 

In Europe the fear levels are higher as a result of the Conservative Party's Brexit policy and the impact this will have on the European economy and of course the UK as it leaves its largest and most profitable trading partnership to date. 

PayScale provides software using real time data to enable employees and employers to gain a better understanding of the compensation rates available.  

Founded in 2002 PayScale has 7000 customers from SMEs to global business like Time Warner, T-Mobile and Stihl.  

"PayScale helps employers and their employees understand the right pay for every position and effectively communicate about compensation," the business claims.

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