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Virtual Instruments CMO explains rebrand to Virtana

Virtual Instruments CMO explains rebrand to Virtana

Wider product offering demands new name says cloud analytics firm

Virtana is the new name for Virtual Instruments as of today. The San Jose, California headquartered infrastructure performance management provider is rebranding to better reflect the services it now offers and a need to communicate with the CXO level. 

The new name, Virtana, more accurately reflects the nature of the business Len Rosenthal CMO of Virtana said. "We have consolidated five different companies in recent years and VI, Real Time Analytics, as the name breaks down to reflects that. 



"We are seeking to reach new customers and customers who have an out of date perception of us from the past. After all we started out in 2008 in the Storage Area Network (SAN) and storage monitoring space," the CMO says. 

The Gartner Symposium events in the USA, Barcelona, Spain and Australia will be the launchpad for the new brand. The Symposium events will give Virtana the opportunity to communicate to the top level of the enterprise as they attract CIOs and CTOs. 

"The CIO's IT operations teams are moving from a primarily reactive mode to an more proactive, automated mode.  In a sense, we are like an insurance policy as we prevent things from impacting  their environments," Rosenthal said. Adding that a new focus on the hybrid cloud is also a major opportunity for Virtana. 

"What we have seen, particularly in Europe, is there was a mass edict to move to the cloud and we are now finding their is some workload repatronage and therefore the enterprise is in the hybrid world. Some customers believe the future of their enterprise is in the hybrid world, Virtana believes. 

"The enterprise core resides in the datacentre; the new workloads are increasingly on the cloud, so the innovation is on the cloud. We have an install customer base, but the rebrand is about having these new conversations. We have a new website launching as part of the rebrand and our first downloadable private cloud monitoring product - VirtualWisdom.  We also are introducing CloudWisdom that provides a public cloud Software-as-a-Service monitoring system." 

Alongside the Gartner event programme  Virtana is investing in a major LinkedIn and Google awareness campaign. "We measure every aspect of our funnel including the number of meeting qualified leads, the cost per qualified lead and the cost per closed deal," Rosenthal said. 

Virtual Instruments has developed into a provider of monitoring tools for both on-premise and hybrid cloud technologies. "We are trying to help CIOs transform their infrastructure where they are running their critical applications and cannot afford to slow down or go down. So they need monitoring and analytics," Rosenthal said. Existing customers include financial services giants like Sabre, Equifax,Lloyds Banking Group; tech firm Salesforce, McKesson and NTT. 


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