• CMO Q&A  - Dayna Rothman, Chief Marketing Officer at OneLogin
  • CMO Q&A - Dayna Rothman, Chief Marketing Officer at OneLogin

    Dayna Rothman, Chief Marketing Officer at OneLogin on her current technology marketing leadership role and previous experiences

    CMO Q&A Dayna Rothman, Chief Marketing Officer - OneLogin


    Melanie Johnson-Holliday

    1. Describe your company and the products you are marketing.

    OneLogin is the identity foundation for building secure, scalable, and smart experiences to connect people with technology. We serve businesses and partners across many of industries and have over 2,500 customers worldwide.

    2. Are you the most senior marketing person and what is your reporting line? 

    Yes - I am the chief marketing officer reporting directly into our CEO, Brad Brooks. 

    3. How did you enter into a marketing career? 

    I didn't know, I wanted to be a marketer when I graduated from college, but I always loved writing and being creative. My first true marketing generalist role was at a Salesforce consulting firm called Bluewolf. There, I got introduced to both the tech industry and the ins-and-outs of marketing. After I was there for about a year, Marketo, the leading marketing automation platform, reached out to me about a job running their content organisation. This was Pre-IPO Marketo so basically "the mothership" for all marketers. So, if Marketo comes knocking, you answer. And it was really in my role at Marketo that I learned what it meant to be a high performing marketing team. I was hooked! And my career took off from there. 

    4. And how did you enter the technology sector? 

    See above. Additionally, I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, so when I was looking for work after grad school, technology was the predominant industry. 

    5. Which marketing technology or tools do you rely on? 

    A lot of them. We use Marketo, Engagio, Terminus, Hootsuite, Bizible, domo, Bombara, Sendoso.

    6. Which new wave technologies do you think will transform marketing? 

    I think there will soon be an evolution of traditional marketing automation that will bring together sales automation tools like Outreach and Salesloft and provide a more personalised platform for engagement that enables a more holistic account based marketing (ABM) and traditional demand generation strategy. 

    7. What is the most frustrating element of working in marketing? 

    I think there is still a lot of education to be done around how to measure marketing's contribution to revenue. While marketing today is required to own more of the sales funnel than ever before, many marketing organisations are still being tracked just on lead generation or just the source of pipeline. And those measurements are very much at odds with how buyers purchase today and the amount of marketing dollars that are needed for sales acceleration success. 

    8. Is there an over-reliance on KPIs in technology marketing?

    No. I think as marketing advances and technology continues to change the way people buy, marketers need to become much more oriented around data and numbers. Marketers need to understand on a deep level what works and what doesn't. Plus, as I mentioned before, marketers are responsible for more of the sales funnel than ever before, and in order to do that effectively and efficiently marketers need to be very data driven. 

    9. Do you think that the marketing landscape is changing and if so, how are you transforming the way marketing operates in your organisation? 

    Building off of my previous answers around tying marketing closer to revenue, we are making a lot of changes here at OneLogin around how marketing is measured. When the team was primarily focused on source of pipeline, a lot of emphasis was being put into the top-funnel and not as much into accelerating deals. And sales are goaled on revenue, so there was some misalignment that was created. Now, we are moving marketing KPIs to be more focused on revenue, influence, and conversion rates, in addition to pipeline. That way, our goals line-up with the goals of the overall business - closing revenue. 

    10. How much time a week would you say you spend on future planning/experimenting or research? 

    Not as much time as I would like. Lol. I try and keep up on the industry as much as I can, but it's hard with everything going on. I do, however, spend a decent amount of time on planning during certain times during the year. 

    11. How many people in your marketing team?

    25 and growing.

    12. What is the most important element of creating a great marketing team? 

    The people you hire on the team is what makes your marketing great, how they communicate, how they collaborate, how they lean on each other. You can have all of the best marketing tools in the world, but if you have a team that doesn't know how to truly work together you are at a huge disadvantage. 

    13. How do you divide your time between leading as a manager and carrying out actual marketing?

    I am a very hands-on leader. I think that in order to authentically lead your team you need to understand the day-to-day of their roles. I like to collaborate and dig in. I also like rolling up my sleeves and executing myself if that is what the team needs. It's important that I keep my skills fresh and ensuring that I know what is going on across the team keeps me grounded in reality vs. leading from an ivory tower. However, I also love to mentor my team and provide them the leadership they need to be successful, so I spend a lot of time in 1:1s with both my direct reports and also with skip-levels. 

    14. Which company and its marketing do you find inspiring? 

    Right now, I am really loving Snowflake's marketing. Their marketing is modern, their messaging is clear, and they aren't afraid to have a little fun with their marketing copy. 

    15. How do you relax?

    I love writing, which I still try and do in my personal time as much as possible, and I also love movies and catching up with the latest shows. We are going through a TV Renaissance right now and I can't get enough of it! 


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