• Growing the new collaboration front
  • Growing the new collaboration front

    Collaboration Work Management is tipped to be a rapidly growing technology sector by analysts, Jada Balster leads marketing in EMEA for Workfront a contender in this sector

    "Marketing has become a really core part of the business," says Jada Balster, Marketing VP for Workfront. The Europe based technology marketing leader explains that the productivity technology market is really beginning to pick up pace at present, placing marketing at the centre of Workfront.  

    Analyst house Gartner recently recognised productivity tools in a report on what it terms the Collaboration Work Management sector.  "The market has grown much more quickly than we thought," says Balster, adding that Workfront was born out of a project management tool that expanded into a wider business tool. "We saw there was a real need for enabling people to do their best work. Work is less task focused now."  

    Jada Balster of Workfront

    Workfront, headquartered in Utah, USA has over 4000 global customers in all sectors. "They are trying to make work a Tier One asset for the business," she says of how their customers use Workfront to ensure team members are working on the core activities they were recruited to do.  Balster references a study that Workfront carried out that discovered that on average staff are spending 40% of their time on activities that are not their primary task. Customers of Workfront include banking businesses TSB and Santender. 

    "I grew up in events, so they hold a special place in my heart. They hold real value for sharing experience and it is one of our most useful channels. Digital is wonderful, but face-to-face is something I am really passionate about," she says of a key element of the marketing strategy.  

    Balster joined Workfront in 2013, moving from digital information services business IHS. "What attracted me to this role was the team. I talk a lot about diversity in teams, in terms of the mix of experience, up and coming talent, gender and that was really present at Workfront. 

    "When recruiting we profile people so that we get a really holistic mix of people to make sure we have all the strengths you need in a team," the marketing VP says. 

    Balster has a team of 20 marketers in EMEA and forms part of Workfront's 100 technology marketing leaders. "I have some very talented marketing operations people here and there are some deep analytics and marketing skills in the global operation. 

    "I believe my job is to make sure that my team is as successful. Building the right team and making sure that the team has clear communications are my main responsibilities," she says of her role.  The technology marketing leader began her career in public relations (PR), but after one year left retail PR for technology marketing with her first role at Epicor the enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform used mainly by small and medium sized businesses. "I felt there was a broader scope and that my speciality was as a generalist," she says of the switch.  

    Read Jada Balster's marketing leadership insights into using the Commander's Intent methodology here. 


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