• Acquia CMO's opens sources to digital experience
  • Acquia CMO's opens sources to digital experience

    CMO Lynne Capozzi describes how Acquia has moved into digital experience from web content management

    CMO Lynne Capozzi markets technology that marketing leaders use "to build digital experiences for their customers", she says of Acquia, the Boston, USA business, which is a leader in the fast growing web based experience management market. 

    Acquia began life as a web content management technology provider in 2007, but it's recent history has been focused on the broad range of software-as-a-service technologies that marketing leaders require. Acquia can today count major broadcasters, pharmaceuticals makers, government agencies and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) organisations as clients. 

    "We are moving to being part of a wider platform," Capozzi says of how the market is shaping the business. Part of the transition is a change in customer base. "We are seeing more and more CMOs own the budget for digital experience," she says. It's not just an observation, Capozzi herself has seen her career change in the same way as technology marketing leader. 

    "I am the biggest customer we have," she says with a laugh, adding that the Acquia customer data platform is one of the vital tools she has to use.  In 2019 Acquia acquired AgilOne to increase its customer data platform tool set. 

    CMO Lynne Capozzi

    As CMO Capozzi has a dual role of marketing both the technology, but also the Drupal community that she says is vital to Acquia. The open source software was developed by Dries Buytaert, a co-founder of Acquia. Initially developed as the language for a messageboard, today Drupal has expanded to be the foundations of the Acquia platform. 

    "As Drupal grows so will Acquia and it keeps it fun," the CMO says of wearing two distinct, but connected marketing hats.  

    Just as the Drupal community keeps Acquia connected to developers, Capozzi finds face-to-face events vital for marketing. 

    "Our most effective results are in person, it allows us to explain our story and they can learn from our customers and thought leaders and partner channels," she says. Adding that content is also an extremely useful tool to the CMO. 

    As is becoming the norm, Capozzi's role is broader than traditional marketing in order to create sales leads.  The technology marketing leader is also measured for customer satisfaction. 

    "I think more and more marketing is driving the customer experience and for me it's what I see and feel from a product as well as the importance of the marketing brand," she says. "I have seen a big change in the role. It was all about the brand in the past, now we are data driven and the use of analytics to drive a marketing decision," Capozzi says of how the role of a technology marketing leader has changed.  Capozzi began her technology marketing leadership career in the mid-90s on Lotus Notes from IBM, one of the pioneering information management tools used in the enterprise. 


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