• Three ways to be a best loved tech brand
  • Three ways to be a best loved tech brand

    UK mobile operator wants to rise by 23 points up the NPS score and be loved

    "We want to be the UK's best loved brand, but telcos languish in customer satisfaction listings," Phil Sheppard, Director of Network Strategy at Three said.  "To become the best loved we have a big challenge," he told technology peers at the Tibco Now event in London. 

    Sheppard is responsible for developing a network strategy that provides the customer experience that will lead to being a loved brand and although a technologist, Sheppard disclosed to the Tibco Now attendees how important his team's activities are to the marketing of the mobile telecoms service. 

    Founded in 2003 in response to the roll out of 3G telecommunications Three states: "Becoming the UK's Best Loved Brand by 2021 is our ambition. This purpose is our future." 

    Sheppard joined Three at the founding of the Buckinghamshire based business, first as Director of Media Technology.  

    "Three has always had a culture of innovation in marketing and products, which comes from nene a 2003 startup," but the technology director is honest that like all telecommunications organisations, the journey to becoming loved is not without challenges. 

    "We have a decent net promoter score (NPS) of 17, but it needs to be at 40. The customer expectations have changed in the digital age and people are used to always being connected," he says of how any failure in the network services he delivers instantly creates brand and marketing challenges.  

    Delivering reliable technology is just one element of a telecommunications organisation becoming loved, Sheppard told delegates at the Tibco Now event that Three had to revise the way it worked. 

    "You have to change the way the business works so that it is focused on the customer, so we are doing a lot on the culture and the levels of collaboration in the business," he said. That transformation of the culture of Three is underpinned by a simple idea: "It should be simple and effective to deal with your operator. 

    "Being authentic is about how we act on what we do." 


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