• Nokia is to mobilise customer focused market approach
  • Nokia is to mobilise customer focused market approach

    Nokia techmarketer details how the customer has become central to its 5G plans

    In its long history Nokia has been a paper and rubber boot manufacturer before becoming in the 1990s the joint byword for mobile telephony with its Scandinavian cousins Ericsson. Today Nokia is a key market player in network infrastructure technology.  Moving into new markets requires the technology marketing to adapt too.  

    Andrew Burrell at Nokia

    Becoming a technology infrastructure provider means Nokia is now a business-to-business organisation and therefore has had to become highly customer focussed. 

    "Nokia has been on a journey, moving from a product centric technology marketing approach to a customer centric method,"says Andrew Burrell Head of Marketing, Ultra Broadband and Analytics services at Nokia. "For the first time there is a single message right across Nokia," Burrell told a gathering of leading CMOs organised by the Executive Leaders Network. 

    "We build networks for O2 and Vodafone, so we sell to the telcos as well as the enterprise and the blue light services. It is the underlying technology that we provide, the base stations, the routers and switches." 

    Burrell described to peers that Nokia now has an "audience centric" marketing approach. "It is about personas for the CIO and CTO and we try and understand what keeps them up at night, so that we market form the audience need." 

    Nokia and Burrell delivered this new approach to technology marketing in just over a year. In April 2018 Nokia announced the new approach and speaking to the Executive Leaders Network, it was clear that Nokia has delivered the transformation by September 2019. Burrell said Nokia worked with SiriusDecisions, the marketing and sales consultancy that was acquired by Forrester in 2018.  

    "We used the SiriusDecisions methodology, but delivered the change in a Big Bang way," he says, adding that a more Agile approach could have been beneficial. Nokia ensured all members of its marketing team underwent mandatory training, this was followed by the forming of squads and tribes to develop the content required. 

    "Nokia had to learn a new terminology as we took onboard the templates and frameworks of SiriusDecisions," Burrell said. 

    "We use Microsoft Teams to increase collaboration as well as PowerBI and Azure from Microsoft as the basis for carrying out analytics because we need to be a more data led organisation," Burrell said. 

    Nokia is already seeing results Burrell said. Interactions have increased eight-fold, sales accepted leads are up by 40%. "We have started to focus on 5G use cases in terms of what the enterprise use case is so that the telcos can see what the return on investment is," Burrell says of the next big opportunity for Nokia. Though of course, much depends on Hauwei. 


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