• Jennifer Deutsch brings M&A experience to the Park
  • Jennifer Deutsch brings M&A experience to the Park

    Park Place Technologies CMO brings M&A experience to the Park

    "Two weeks ago you would have called Park Place Technologies a third party maintenance provider," says Jennifer Deutsch, CMO at Park Place Technologies. A merger and acquisition spree has seen the organisation considerably changed and this is why Deutsch has joined the world of tech marketers. 

    Park Place has a heritage in post-warranty maintenance for storage, server and networking hardware from all major vendors. With global headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, Park Place says it supports over 55,000 data centres in over 140 countries.

    The recent acquisitions have moved Park Place into the IT operations management space while continuing to be a strong player in maintenance. 

    "We are driving uptime to its fullest capability and this will optimise the environment," Deutsch says of the strategy going forward.

    Jennifer Deutsch, CMO at Park Place Technologies

    When Deutsch spoke to TechMarketers Park Place had just completed the acquisition of Entuity a network performance management provider. The CMO believes this is an important acquisition for Park Place as she believes CIOs and CTOs are looking for a greater understanding of the equipment on their estates and networks.  

    "I was hired because there was going to be a busy acquisition spree and so we have built up the tools to communicate the merger and acquisition activity. There has been 12 acquisitions in 26 months and the organic growth of the business has been getting significant too," Deutsch says.

    Going business-to-business

    Deutsch, who joined Park Place in June 2017 has spent the bulk of her career in the consumer facing sector with marketing leadership roles at fast moving consumer goods maker Nestle and hotel chain Marriott. 

    "That B2C experience taught me about getting really close to the customer, which is really important," Deutsch says and it is something she acted on immediately upon joining Park Place. "We set up a group of CIOs in financial services, FMCG, engineering, health, energy and manufacturing and we asked them for their pain points."  In return Park Place Technologies develops its product and innovation road map with this select group. 

    "I think marketing is a very interesting field as you are touching a lot of what is not considered pure marketing, for example we launched an employee brand. As an organisation I felt it was important and we are working with HR and Operations." 

    Deutsch spent a decade agency side before moving client side, first in an LED manufacturer before joining Park Place Technologies. Pressed on why make the decision and why join a technology provider that is arguably not a household name Deutsch defends B2B as one of the most interesting places to be leading marketing. 

    "B2B marketing is cooler than B2C because of the technologies we can use for marketing, which means you can really move the dial and when you show people the level of interaction we get they are amazed." 

    Deutsch is amongst a growing number of CMOs bringing an operational team to the forefront of how she operates. 

    "We have brought in 12 different types of technology, including Demandbase and the tools that are coming in for marketers are amazing. We work hand in glove with the IT team and our CTO," she says of how important it is to ensure implementation benefits not only the marketers. 

    Content and strategy 

    "We are driving our brand awareness with agencies, PR and as a result our share of voice is rising," she adds that the focus is on discovering, monitoring and optimisation to ensure the awareness is delivering results for Park Place Technologies. A video studio has been developed and the CMO believes video will increasingly become important to Park Place. Deutsch says an important element of marketing too is to be involved in more than just your business market and she talks with great passion about supporting STEM both in the USA and in Ireland. 

    "You have to give back and communicate to the communities you work within," she says. And this will be important as Park Place Technologies continues to expand, the CMO says the organisation is "making a push into India and Australia". 

    Given the rate of acquisitions it is surprising to learn that Deutsch has a team of just 10, but the CMO enjoys building teams and has brought in a mix of new and people she has worked with before. 

    "Everybody brings in different skills," she says. Adding that the growth of the organisation has helped Park Place Technologies attract talent from giants Dell, Oracle and Verizon. 


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