• Egress CMO aims at a different goal
  • Egress CMO aims at a different goal

    Encryption provider grows with strong digital marketing leadership

    Tim Pickard, CMO at Egress Software

    "It should be the goal of all CMOs to differentiate their organisation," says Tim Pickard, CMO of Egress Software Technologies, a provider of certified encryption services.  

    Egress is based in the UK and provides a range of data security services designed to protect shared information throughout its lifecycle. "This is a scale up business and we are growing at pace locally and internationally," Pickard says of the business founded in 2007. The CMO describes Egress services as: "We do the prevent and protection for email and file sharing. A lot of people in an enterprise do not realise how sensitive the data they work with is and we take that decision away. This technology operates below the surface and when needed it helps protect the user. Our aim is to be the tool that the users want to have. 

    "Egress Software adds a level of encryption that protects the sender because it looks at the recipient, the domain and it makes a decision, which may include asking the recipient to authenticate themselves," Pickard says. 

    In recent years Egress has found particular success in the public sector and can count the UK's Ministry of Justice as a client where the courts can securely share evidence files for a case, this has increased the security and accessibility of file sharing, but has also reduced operational costs.  "We work with banks, healthcare and local government," Pickard says. 

    "The initial success of the business was dependent on success in those sectors, but that is not the case now," Pickard says of how the business has grown into financial services and adjacent markets. 

    "We are finding our appeal is extending out more and our challenge is positioning to those markets. Brand and position is very important." 

    "GDPR had a quiet period, but the fines levied on British Airways and Marriott means we are seeing a significant interest,"  (referring to the £99m fine the hotel chain faces and £183 million the airline has to pay).  

    As a result the CMO says lead generation has become "super critical for growth" and it is important to Pickard to use lead generation to understand the buyer and where they are in their purchasing journey. 

    "We have multiple techniques for engagement for a nurture campaign and content is very important and having a mix of content," he says. 

    Digital leadership 

    "The job of the CMO has to satisfy two camps, firstly the brand and the creative side. Secondly the analytical and pipeline generation. I call it the left and right brain split," he says of the role. "To be a successful CMO you have to be mid-brain as they are both key. 

    "We have to understand the space that your organisation wants to occupy in the mind of the customer, both in terms of the space you have and the space you want to occupy, so there are components you have to get right, such as the core position and the visual identity and then present that in a powerful way. 

    Pickard's team includes head of digital and marketing operations and the CMO says these are vital role for success. 

    "We all rely on technology and we are constantly looking at how the technology we use in our stack can be optimised. So we are looking at predictive technology to identify hot prospects, but we are also looking to identify technologies and bring them onboard and make sure the business adopts them quickly," he says of the important role the Head of Marketing Operations has. 

    "Without a specialist you can spend a lot of money and get very little return without that digital leadership." 

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